Blank Durable Map Paper

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Pack of ten sheets of blank durable map paper.  We use and have tested these Durable Map Papers for our Backpacking Treks into the Wilderness.

The Durable Map Paper we carry has been tested on: 

  • HP LaserJet with dry toner.
  • HP InkJet with Pigment inks.

Our Durable Map Paper are not for use with dye based InkJet printers.

 Laser Printer
Pigment InkJet (will not work with dye based printers)
Markup Durable Maps with
PuffinPaper Synthetic Waterproof Paper Yes Yes Standard Ballpoint Pen
Paper Tyger® Durable Paper
Pencil or All-Weather Pen
Rite in the Rain® All-Weather Copier Paper
Yes No Pencil or All-Weather Pen
Inkjet Teslin® Paper
No Yes
Standard Ballpoint Pen


Blank Durable Map Paper Blank Durable Map Paper